KFC Food Facts

  • We buy chicken from trusted suppliers, who meet international safety norms. So what you bite into is nothing but the best.
  • We use 100% real whole muscle chicken because 99.9% does not taste the same.
  • The chicken is transported, distributed and stored under temperature controlled conditions. Further, at stores it is marinated at the right temperature. The chicken is cooked at temperature above 170 deg C and is kept at temp around 60 Deg C, so that it is served hot.
  • Food at KFC is always so good because our chefs cook it fresh, several times a day.
We have zero added trans fat in all our products at KFC. The nutrition analysis of our products done by internationally recognized,

NABL accredited and ISO 17025 certified laboratories shows trans fat per portion is not detected.
    • VEG
    • NON VEG
    • VEG
    • NON VEG
    • VEG
    • NON VEG
Product NameAverage Portion (g)Energy (kcal)Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)Sodium (g)
Total Fat (g)MUFA (g)PUFA (g)Sat. Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)
Hash Brown 2 pc + Dip80323.928.12.622. Detected0.571
Veg Strips 4pc105437.350. Detected0.903
Veg Strips Rice Bowlz325637. Detected0.677
Potato Krisper111337.950.34.913.
Veg Longer Burger155382.746.412.616.35.30.510.6Not Detected1.062
Veg Zinger Burger200424.776.710. Detected1.180
Cheezy Crunch Burger150419.445.86.723.38.44.610.2Not Detected0.861
Regular Fries73.5216.429.112.649.944.171.793.96Not Detected0.120
Choco Tiramisu mini182188.2831.195.194.751.330.133.29Not Detected0.17
7up Krush Lime210127.6831.9200000Not Detected0.1
Reg Strawberry Storm318414.558.0712.6614.633.180.810.65Not Detected 
Kold Koffee293253.347.933.725. Detected 
Sparkling Vanilla Blue31012331Not DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot Detected
Reg Choco Lash302402.652.2511.0216.614.230.9111.48Not Detected 
Reg Alphonso Burst338393.4352.7322.8210.142.370.347.44Not Detected0.100
Virgin Mojito310120.430.1Not DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot DetectedNot Detected 
Hot & Crispy Chicken (1 pc)91246.07.717.816. Detected0.5
Smoky Grilled Chicken (1 pc)92145.09.615. Detected0.7
Chick'n Roll195557.953.928.425. Detected1.367
Smoky Wings (4 Pc)150339.3016.2231.2916.988.193.814.98Not Detected1.926
Hot Wings 2 pc75228.25.617. Detected0.720
Hot Wings 4 Pc155456.411.334.030.613.26.111.3Not Detected1.440
Popcorn Lrg170726.254.331.042.818.75.218.7Not Detected1.7
Boneless Strips 3pc138353.716.932. Detected0.760
Chicken Popcorn Rice Bowl305631.885.821.722.48.73.510.1Not Detected1.700
Hot & Crispy Rice Bowl346664.177.130.425.710.73.510.7Not Detected2.6
Smoky Rice Bowl347563. Detected2.7
Chicken Longer Burger120303.836.515. Detected0.896
Chicken Rockin Burger150404.8838.8718.7519.386.796.056.54Not Detected0.680
Chicken Zinger Burger196463.042.625. Detected0.970
Zinger Deluxe230677.461.726.136.312.71.522.0Not Detected1.815